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Market office

Al-Qurain Automotive Trading Co. KSC
Shuwaikh Industrial Area 3 – Ghazali Bridge
Volvo Truck Center, Kuwait
PO Box 164
Safat 13002
Phone: +965 2496 8888

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Sales & Marketing

Gassan Ghannam
Marketing and Sales Manager.
Commercial Department.
Al-Qurain Automotive Trading Company . KSC.
AbdulAziz Al-Ali Al - Mutawa Group.
Commercial Department.
PO Box 164 Safat 13002
Shuwaikh Industrial 3- Block C -
Bldg no. 248
Ghazali Bridge
Volvo truck Center
Tel:      + 965 2496 88 88   Ext: 44 44
Dir:      + 965 2496 89 70
Fax:     + 965 2491 94 42
Mob:    + 965 664 65 893
gassan [at] aaalmutawa [dot] com


Philip Fernandes,
Technical Manager,
Al Qurain Automotive Trading Company,
P.O.Box 164,
Safat 13002,
Tel No : 00965  2496 88 88 Ext 4402
Mobile : 00965 66778037
Fax      : 00965 24923153
philip [at] aaalmutawa [dot] com
Shuwaikh Industrial 3- Block C - Bldg no. 248
Ghazali Bridge
Volvo truck Center

Press & Media

Send us your questions or requests on press and media related issues. Want to use our images? Permission is needed for commercial purposes.

Piere Pieri, 
pierep [at] aaalmutawa [dot] com
Brand Manager

press [dot] buses [at] volvo [dot] com

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